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Bout of Books 9.0 Goals

Bout of books is a week long, low pressure read-a-thon, in which the reader picks a goal for them-self, be it number of pages, books etc. Its a great way to push yourself to read more than you normally would in a week, and you can also compete in mini challenges each day!


For Bout of Books 9.0 I will be trying to read four books between the 6th and the 12th!

1. Two Boys Kissing, David Levithan (196 pgs.)

 2. High Fidelity, Nick Hornby (323 pgs.)

 3. The Madman's Daughter, Megan Shepherd (420) 

 4. Unwind, Neal Shusterman (335)


side-note: I have a parcel of books coming in the mail from Chapters, so I may make a switch to this list when it arrives! In particular, a switch to The Martian Chronicles (241 pgs)