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Tiny Book Haul (Haul #1)

Today was very sad. One of my favourite bookstores is permanently closing.

On the plus side, that means their entire inventory is on sale! So of course, I picked up some things. I ended up getting 3 books, a cute bookmark, and a bookish t-shirt.


I got only short books for the Deweys 24-Hour Readathon tomorrow (which I will be posting updates on every 3 hours here)


Title: Dubliners

Author: James Joyce 

Edition: Paperback, Penguin English Library

Page #: 224

Goodreads Description:

This work of art reflects life in Ireland at the turn of the last century, and by rejecting euphemism, reveals to the Irish their unromantic reality. Each of the 15 stories offers glimpses into the lives of ordinary Dubliners, and collectively they paint a portrait of a nation.


UtopiaTitle: Utopia

Author: Thomas More

Edition: Paperback, Penguin Classics

Page #: 192

Goodreads Description: In his most famous and controversial book,Utopia, Thomas More imagines a perfect island nation where thousands live in peace and harmony, men and women are both educated, and all property is communal. Through dialogue and correspondence between the protagonist Raphael Hythloday and his friends and contemporaries, More explores the theories behind war, political disagreements, social quarrels, and wealth distribution and imagines the day-to-day lives of those citizens enjoying freedom from fear, oppression, violence, and suffering. Originally written in Latin, this vision of an ideal world is also a scathing satire of Europe in the sixteenth century and has been hugely influential since publication, shaping utopian fiction even today


Birds of a Lesser Paradise: StoriesTitle: Birds of a Lesser Paradise

Author: Megan Mayhew Bergman

Edition: Paperback, Scribner
Page #: 

Goodreads Description: Exploring the way our choices and relationships are shaped by the menace and beauty of the natural world, Megan Mayhew Bergman's powerful and heartwarming collection captures the surprising moments when the pull of our biology becomes evident, when love or fear collides with good sense, or when our attachment to an animal or wild place can't be denied.


Also some additional purchases:

Fahrenheit 451 t-shirt from out of print clothing

One of my favourite dystopians!







Bookjigs bookmark foxFox Bookmark from Bookjigs Bookmarks

Foxes are my favourite animal, and also boyfriends last name. Perfect :)